Aliens, Foreigners, Strangers, and the Illegal/Undocumented Immigrants!”

Introduction: How are we to see them? View them? Deal with them? That is, from what perspective? What do I mean? I mean, are we to deal with this ‘issue’ – these people and look at it from the perspective of being American citizens of these United States of America? Or as Christians? As Christian citizens? As pilgrims, strangers, aliens & foreigners ourselves?  Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!

For we are citizens of these United States of America, and we are therefore accountable or subject to its Constitution; its Bill of Rights (& amendments); its laws, regulations, and judicial practices or requirements, etc., etc., etc.

And of course, we are already “citizens” of the kingdom of God (Phil.3: 20; I Peter 1: 3-5), and therefore we are especially and foremost accountable and subject to its laws and commandments; under obligation and love to obey the Word of the King;  God’s Word, as that Word is set forth in the Bible-the Holy Scriptures! This citizenship triumphs and rules over all other ‘sets of rules’ or laws.

Therefore, if and when the laws of any land contradict the laws of the Kingdom of God, we are called upon and obligated by love to obey God, rather than man. God’s word is to reign over our hearts, our thoughts and our lives and practices!

And then, we also must remember that we are, as Abraham and our covenant brothers and sisters were, literally, pilgrims, strangers, and aliens in a ‘foreign land’. This world is not our home! (Hebrews 11: 8–10;  13–16;    I Peter 1: 13–17)

So again, how are you and I to “take”, deal with or view the eleven (11) million, and of late, the 60,000 plus “illegal”, undocumented, aliens, foreigners, strangers, and immigrants in, and still coming into this country, we call the United States of America, and our home?

Though the real question for all of us, whether we are American, Honduran, El Salvadoran, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Irish, Iranian, Syrian, German, Dutch, Brazilian, or of any other nationality, race, kindred, tongue or tribe is:


Psalm 119: 105 –What light does God’s Word shed upon our path?

First: Whether or not they, or we, or the US government or any other nation likes it or not, acknowledges it or not, we know that they are all “image-bearers” of the one true God. They have God as their Maker! They are human beings made in His image, and yet they are also sinners who are subject to the curse! [Job 14: 1, 2, 3-12;  Psalm 103: 15-16; James 4: 14 ]

Second: Whether or not they, or we, or the US government or any other nation likes it or not, acknowledges it or not, we know that they are all “pilgrims and strangers” in some sense of the word, for they are all headed to one of two ‘eternal homes’; The heavenly kingdom of eternal rest, peace and worship, or to live forever in the eternal, everlasting punishment and torment of hell!

Third: Whether or not they, or we, or the US government or any other nation likes it or not, acknowledges it or not, we know that most every one of these ‘foreigners, aliens, strangers and illegal/undocumented immigrants are here “illegally”, according to the so-called “laws” of the land.

Now, what then is our responsibility as citizens, as Christians, as pilgrims and strangers within this land “… of the home of the brave and land of the free”?

Is it ‘black & white’? Right & wrong? Cut & dry?

Luke 20: 20-26:   Pretty cut and dry Taxes or tribute is the particular ‘issue’ they were trying to trip the Lord on—–generally speaking, though Christ Himself does not specify each and every thing or aspect that we might need to render or owe “Caesar”! BUT, obedience and respect of those in authority over us is taught here! There must be order and respect of the law!

Next, Romans 12: 1, 2 & 17 – 21—and thus also then chapter 13!

In the context of being Christian within and without the body of Christ—we are called upon to be subject to the governing authorities! We must not imbue or better, promote chaos, disorder, or rampant lawlessness and evil by our own living and practices!

Again, we are to respect and honor those in authority over us. God has ordained and appointed them over us! [Verse 5-7]







From Romans 13: 1 – 7, we learned    that not only    are we not to resist the ordinance of God, and those whom God has appointed or ordained to ‘rule’ over us—yea, and all of their sometimes inconsistent, unnecessary and even horrible laws——-BUT we are also, at the same time, or rather, to be obedient and respectful of them BY BEING CHRISTIAN  – BY BEING CHRISTIAN TO ALL OF OUR NEIGHBORS!  That is, we are to be always loving God by obeying God’s commandments—especially when it comes to our neighbors!! [Romans 13: 8-14]

And remember, the question is not—who is my neighbor? With all kinds of stipulations and regulations and slick, sly, and intellectually reasonable takes regarding this question—

BUT RATHER, the question is:  To whom am I going to be a good neighbor?

A good Samaritan? A good & faithful Christian??? THAT IS, To whom am I going to show forth the loving mercies and compassion of Christ?  Especially as we remember the parable in Luke 10;

For we saw how that Jesus purposely GAVE NO clear description of that wounded, half-dead man who was in desperate need of pity or compassion;  Showing us and those back then that he could have been anybody!    He could have been a Roman citizen, A Foreigner – A thief – A robber – A Jew—a priest – A Levite; A Gentile dog and alien swine of that pagan society and culture!!

Then comes the exhortation from Titus 2: 11 – 3: 7

Again, in the context of living the Christian life in all of its various or different places, stations, and ‘cultures’ and callings Christians find themselves throughout their present pilgrimage, we have God’s call to us:

Because God has so worked in us by His grace as given to all men—–we are His special people, who by the way are to be zealous for good works. AND Titus, wrote Paul in verse 15,  you are to preach this and herald forth this truth—exhorting and rebuking with all authority,  letting no one within the church —despise you—just because you may be younger than them—For you are speaking for God’s word—not your own——–

And then came Paul’s reminder to him for them thar Cretan believers in regards to some more of those ‘good works’ that they were to be zealous about—especially in regards, once again, to their rulers and authorities—and to all men!

We are here once again called to be subject to God’s ordained ‘ministers’ [rulers and authorities]—and therefore also God’s ordained laws of order and decency!

Unless of course they and their laws contradict God’s revealed Word, calling us to obey men rather than the God we serve.

So, the laws of our land   ARE,  ‘our laws’!   For it is the Lord’s will as revealed thru His appointed servants or magistrates {OUR Executive – Legislative & Judicial rulers and authorities]. And this is so and true—whether they themselves (rulers and such) are evil or good; Righteous or unrighteous! Yes, and irrespective of a “government’s” particular form or set up!

We are to obey the laws of the land as unto Christ! For Christ’s sake and for conscience sake!

I Peter 2: 9 – 17: